2023 PALI Investigators Conference

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PALI Speaker - Edward Gray

Reverend Ed Gray

Topic: Pittsburgh: Promiscuity To Palatial Palaces Topped With Ketchup!
Founded in 1758, the City of Pittsburgh has a rich and fascinating history. But the travelogues and visitor guides only tell part of the story. The official, antiseptic version told by those who inhabit the streets during the light of day. Those that work during the evening hours and the graveyard shifts know what truly went into the development of the Steel City. Rev. Ed Gray will offer you an introduction to the ‘Burgh as seen thru the eyes of the Law Enforcement Community for nearly one hundred years. How the Red Light District was transformed into the Cultural District. The subtle nuances that separate the Golden Triangle from the various ethnic neighborhoods that line the shores of the three rivers. And the critical role that the local Law Enforcement and Private Security Agencies played in shaping the labor unions and policies throughout the United States. All punctuated with humorous tales and anecdotes gathered from the cops on the beat, the undercover detectives that patrolled the region, and those that serve today.

Rev. Edward Gray is part of three generations of Law in Pittsburgh, Pa. Having cofounded a successful detective agency in Allegheny County with his father in the 1980’s, he was called into full time ministry and ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) A graduate of Duquesne University and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, he has served 5 congregations and ministries, overseeing the construction of a new church in Washington, Pa. and a New Church Development in Southwest Florida. While in Florida he returned the private security field, acquiring the licensing necessary to establish Jericho Security and Jericho Academy which trained and provided security personnel throughout the region. Eventually, he accepted a call to return to full time ministry in Pa., but was also asked to renew his licenses and training credentials in order to serve the larger church. Jericho Investigations, LLC is now a licensed agency in Pa. and specializes in offering security services, active shooter training and various other services to faith based agencies. Gray is a licensed PI in Florida and Pa., a certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms instructor and a Certified ALICE instructor, as well a Regional Director for PALI.

PALI Speaker - Liz DeLosa

PALI Speaker - Keri Bozich

Elizabeth DeLosa and Keri Bozich

Topic: Using PI’s In PA Innocence Project Investigations
Pennsylvania boasts one of the strictest appellate and post-conviction landscapes in the nation. This presentation will highlight the stark differences between investigating pre-trial criminal cases and post-conviction case. Learn what you need to know about Pennsylvania post-conviction law to ensure you can identify and follow the investigation leads that are most likely to uncover new evidence that was not available at the time of trial. Decade old cases can be complex and overwhelming – join us to explore the fundamentals of investigating and litigating in the Pennsylvania post-conviction arena.

Liz is the Managing Attorney of the Pittsburgh Office of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. Liz is a 2004 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and 2010 graduate of Duquesne University Kline School of Law. After law school, Liz worked as a public defender with the Allegheny County Office of Conflict Counsel and as an Assistant Federal Defender for the Federal Defender’s Office in the District of the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 2016, Liz began her work  with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project as Managing Attorney. Liz also teaches courses on wrongful convictions, criminal procedure, Pennsylvania Appellate procedure, and United States Criminal Law and Procedure for Duquesne Kline School of Law, the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Law, and the University of Cologne, Cologne Germany.

Keri is a licensed private investigator and has owned and run KBI Keri Bozich Investigations as a sole proprietor for the last 10 years.  She works predominantly criminal defense in both state and federal court, and also works on civil rights cases.  Keri has testified for the defense in both state and federal court and has been qualified as an expert witness in financial cases.  Keri works with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project and recently assisted in the exoneration of an individual who was serving three consecutive life sentences.  She's worked with countless attorneys on hundreds of cases and is deeply impacted by some of the injustices she's witnessed. Keri graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA.  She has a bachelor's degree in Accounting.  While a junior in college, Keri worked at the Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation as a Special Agent Student Trainee in Pittsburgh, PA.  She spent six months at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and became a Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation.  Keri was the recipient of the Law Enforcement Agency Director's Group Award and several Manager's Awards.

PALI Speaker - Eileen Law

Eileen Law

Topic: Human Trafficking vs. Missing Persons vs. Runaways: Knowing The Difference & What To Do When You Find The Answers
Approximately fifteen years ago, while searching for a nurse who had gone missing in Chester County, Detective Eileen Law uncovered some disturbing facts about missing persons cases. At the time, she had specialized in finding kidnapped children, missing persons and biological families with a 98% success rate in the then 24 years she had been doing that. However, in the case she was working, the things she uncovered forced her to delve into a world that, at the time, was more of an “underground” situation ~ something that people didn’t understand or talk about ~ that being Human Trafficking.

She learned some of the most clever ways that those involved in this despicable crime use to lure their victims, male and female, young and old. She was determined to do more, and volunteered on the committee headed up by Senator Andy Dinniman to bring awareness to these matters, even though many in law enforcement blatantly denied that it existed. In this presentation, you will learn how to identify when a person who has gone missing, be it on their own volition, was taken or a runaway, how they become victims of human trafficking, what to look for and more importantly, how to go about getting them out of this dangerous world.

Eileen is a certified Missing Persons Expert and also performs Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM.) She is an author, having published five books: Somewhere Out There, From A Different Chair, Officer Glee, Backstory, The Girl In The Cellar ~ The Boy In The Box, and is currently writing her sixth, Crushed. She has solved several cold cases, including the oldest cold case murder in her county. She attended the Pennsylvania State University, the Philadelphia Police Academy, the Dickinson Law School’s Deputy Sheriff’s Academy, and finished first in her class at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Minor Judiciary College. She was formerly Paralegal to the District Attorney and Lieutenant with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

She is the founder of CIA Detective Agency in Kennett Square, and is currently Chairman of the Board of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI) where she was chosen as their first female president as well as being awarded their very first “Investigator of the Year.” She is also a member of The Vidocq Society, Intellenet, Chester County FOP Lodge #11, and on the Board of Directors of the Chester County Chiefs of Police Association where she also serves as their Chaplain. She was formerly radio talk show host of Ask The Detective.

PALI Speaker - Sandy DeAndrea

Sandy DeAndrea

Topic: A Fool & His Money Are Soon Parted ~ How To Identify & Prevent Computer Scams
In today’s cyber world, Phishing scams are all the rage. Sandy teaches you how to not get caught “Hook Line and Sinker.” This presentation is a walk on the wild side by anyone’s standards. She walks you through computer scams from the most common to a scam so advanced even the Federal Bureau of Investigations did not recognize it. In this discussion she will teach you what to look for, how scams work and most importantly, how NOT to get caught. Abraham Lincoln said-“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time…” Sandy teaches you how to NOT be one of those people.

Mrs. DeAndrea holds a BA in Administration of Justice from the Pennsylvania State University, served as a First Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Military Police, and spent a career of twenty-seen years in the Pennsylvania State Police. While in the State Police she has worked in the capacity of Patrol Supervisor, Criminal Investigator, Asset Forfeiture Officer, Police Instructor, Gaming Enforcement Office Supervisor, and a member of the State Police Organized Crime Division. She has Conducted more than one hundred Financial /Money Laundering investigations. She is an expert in VIP Security having provided close protection for Pope Francis, several Governors, players from MLB, the NFL, and Television celebrities. Sandy also maintains a black belt in Gojo Ryu Karate and is proficient in a multitude of weapons.

Sandy also has the distinction of being a senior undercover operative working a highly covert, multi-state, homeland security investigation known only the four Command staff members of PSP. Maintaining a total covert, fictitious identity she traveled out of state and attended meetings and social gatherings up and down the East Coast infiltrating several international organized crime organizations Sandy has uncovered several multi-million dollar international fraud / money laundering and human trafficking rings and speaks as an expert on this topic.

Sandy is wiretap certified, an emergency vehicle instructor, a police academy instructor and has received countless awards and recognition. Sandy is the First Vice President of PALI, the Chair of the Intellenet Protective Services Committee and the co chair of the Vidocq Society’s training and Education committee. She has been featured in PI Magazine with her husband and partner, Frank DeAndrea, Jr.

PALI Speaker - Bill Everman

Bill Everman

Topic: From Crash To Cash ~ Civil Investigations
Add civil litigation support to the services you offer, or, if you’re already working for attorneys who handle civil litigation matters, pick up tips and strategies, as well as ways to get more business from your existing clients. Learn how investigators can support civil litigation throughout the life of a lawsuit.

Bill has been working in the private investigative field since 1988. His principal area of practice is civil litigation, in which he has investigated everything from dog bites to wrongful deaths; he also conducts criminal defense and insurance investigations. He is a past president and chairman of the board of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators, and the recipient of the 2022 James A. Carino Investigator of the Year award.

PALI Speaker - Rita Borzillo

Rita Borzillo

Rita has been practicing law since 1979. She is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and licensed to practice before the Third Circuit and The United States Supreme Court. She has taught International Business Law at Trinity Western University in Vancouver, B.C., Wilmington University, Eastern University and also in Shangai, China. She has represented a multi-national corporation for over fifteen years. She is currently the Chair of the Center for Business at Chestnut Hill College where she teaches law, as well as business and senior seminar, human resources and sports law.

Additionally, she has worked with the Connelly Foundation in implementing a mentor program for college students with students on Our Mother of Consolation School. While the school burned down in 2023, the students are currently housed in Chestnut Hill College until their school is rebuilt. She has received several awards recognizing her for her dedication to the advancement of learning for students. Her commitment to the highest ethical standards and commitment to research provides our membership with the best legal advice. Rita lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

PALI Speaker - John Sancenito

John J. Sancenito

John Sancenito is the President of Information Network Associates, Inc. (INA); an international investigative and corporate consulting firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. INA specializes in providing risk management consulting and intelligence services to high-risk industries around the world. More than 20% of Fortune 100 companies engage INA’s services.

Mr. Sancenito is a retired police officer with more than 25 years of law enforcement and security consulting experience. He is a former County Detective with the Cumberland County Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office, Criminal Investigation Division. Mr. Sancenito is a nationally renowned speaker and is considered one of the foremost experts on animal rights and environmental extremism. He has lectured internationally on topics including domestic terrorism, animal rights extremism, insider threats, and workplace violence.

He has performed risk assessments and security consulting services for corporations all over the world. He has published numerous articles on risk management and security preparedness.

PALI Speaker - Mike Yergey

Mike Yergey

Topic: Protecting Your Assets ~ Pitfalls Regarding Liability Insurance
I will break down the differences in the policies, coverage and what you Really need to know before you sign a contract. I am here “To Protect Your ASSets” before you get in too deep.

Michael T. Yergey started with Yergey Insurance Agency in 1990, and after graduating from Ferrum College as a triple major in business. He started in sales for small businesses in the small family owned agency and subsequently has worked in personal and commercial services, accounting and sales. He became a partner in 2004 and handled personal lines and special programs. In 2017, Mike formed Yergey Insurance Services that is specializing specifically in special programs that include private investigators and security guard industry.

Mike has been working with State Organization and Departments of Public Safety Groups with their guidelines and bylaws. Yergey Insurance has been endorsed by many different National and State Associations for their insurance products and services that they provide.

Since graduating from college, Mike has been involved with a few different Non-Profit organization like Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Northern Virginia (FCA) and Nokesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department as a running member. Mike has also been a member of Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia since 1995 and has been a committee chair for the Membership Committee of the IIAV. Mike won the Young Agent award from the IIAV for his outstanding contribution to the association during his time as committee chair. He is now serving as Past Chairman for the IIAV.

Mike currently resides in King George, VA with his wife Mary and their three children.

PALI Speaker - Frank DeAndrea

Frank DeAndrea

Topic: Keeping Your Gold In Your Golden Years ~ How To Protect You & Your Loved Ones From Financial Exploitation
This presentation turns financial exploitation of older adults on its head. Frank DeAndrea presents this topic in a way that is guaranteed you have not heard before. Using medical studies, cartoons, pictures and video clips, he will explain the inner workings of the human brain and why older adults are targeted and fall prey to financial exploitation. After hearing this presentation, you will never look at this topic in the same fashion and you will understand why financial exploitation of older adults continue to occur and exactly how to protect you and your loved ones from losing your life savings.

Frank DeAndrea, Jr. has over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience to include the United States Army, retired Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant, prior Chief of Police City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania; current Pennsylvania Police Academy Instructor and is the President of DeAndrea Investigations & Security LLC. He is a subject matter expert on police policy and procedure investigations, financial exploitation of older adults and how to investigate police departments. He has written multiple regulations for state and municipal police departments and assisted in writing the Pennsylvania gaming enforcement regulations as well as the Lackawanna College
Police Academy curriculum.

Mr. DeAndrea has spoken on Capitol Hill and the Pennsylvania State Capitol. He consults and trains federal and state congressmen, senators and representatives, and frequently lectures internationally to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and private investigators. He has received countless awards and recognition to include the PALI 2023 Investigative Professional of the year award. Frank is on the board of directors for PALI and Intellenet, publishes the newsletter for both and is co-chair of the Vidocq Society’s training and education committee. He was featured in April 2022 issue of PI Magazine with his wife and partner, Sandy DeAndrea.

PALI Speaker - Greg Angell

Greg P. Angell, Esquire

Topic: Act 235 & State Police New Requirements
I will speak on recent developments in Act 235 firearm instructor certification and the Pennsylvania State Police position on certification of licensed private detectives, with specific reference to recent litigation in that area.

1995 Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, member of the Pennsylvania and Federal Bar since 1995, Associate at Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, P.C., Partner at Biancheria, Ericksen, Maliver & Angell, sole practitioner since 2006.

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