Raising the Bar for Professional Private Investigations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

PALI is dedicated to providing the Commonwealth with a wellspring of investigative resources, where its vetted professionals apply industry best practices to achieve favorable results with the least amount of risk to their clients.

PALI provides a portal between the public and purposeful private investigations; PALI members offer their clients the widest available range of industry-leading information, services, and solutions.

Pennsylvania Licensing Agency – Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas

Please do NOT contact PALI to verify licensure in Pennsylvania. Contact the Clerk of Courts in the county where the license was issued. PA Clerk of Courts

Locate a PI

You can search for a PALI Member in two ways: by Specialty or County.  Please note that most PALI Members provide investigative services in multiple counties and throughout the state from their office locations. Therefore, you should not let a specific city or county limit your search range for an investigator.


PALI's Board of Directors and Legislative Committee keeps a watchful eye on legislative issues. We do our best to keep you informed and to take action when needed to protect and defend the professional interest of our membership. We stand united to guide legislation to take the appropriate steps when it comes to our family of investigators! Read more

Member Resources

Over the years members contributed to these resources using their vast collective knowledge. This knowledge is shared with members in an effort to assist them in operating their businesses. You must be a PALI member to access this information. If you have not joined, visit the Join PALI page or download an application now!